11831 MEDIUM Courgette, Chilli & Mint Pizza



    * 2 large flatbreads or 4 small, white or wholemeal
    * olive oil
    * 2 courgettes , cut into ribbons using a potato peeler
    * 1 garlic clove , crushed
    * 1 red chilli , finely sliced, use a larger one for a milder flavour and a bird's-eye if you like things hot
    * 1 ball mozzarella , torn into pieces
    * a handful mint

Serves 2

Ready in 10 minutes


  • Lightly brush the flatbreads with oil and grill for a minute on one side, then turn. Toss the courgette, garlic and chilli with oil and arrange over the breads. Add the mozzarella. Grill until the courgette starts to wilt.
  • Season well. Add the mint and a slug more oil if you like.

Per serving

292 kcalories, protein 11g, carbohydrate 43.4g, fat 9.5 g, saturated fat 1.3g, fibre 5.4g, salt 1.1 g


Recipe from olive magazine